Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Grills

Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Grills – Hello! We are beckers, more than 160 people from Lütgenrode. On our website we already reveal a lot about ourselves and tell each other who we are and what drives us. But if you came to our job page through a direct link, you won’t know that, of course. That’s why we invite you to take a look at our entire website and get to know us better. If you decide to do it, we still want to give you a little insight here:

We are a fruit juice manufacturer from Lütgenrode, founded in 1932 by Bertha Becker and now run by her great-grandson, Sebastian Koeppel, in a value-oriented manner.

Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Grills

Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Grills

Okay, that was really short, wasn’t it? If you are interested in a job or an apprenticeship at becker bester, you should definitely know more about us:

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We make fruit juices, nectar and spritzers. But we’ve known this for a long time: we just want more! Think more, do more, be more than “just” a food manufacturer.

It all starts with our vision “A green and peaceful planet” (also: a green and peaceful planet), it helps us to align our actions with a far-reaching goal, even if we will probably never reach this goal alone.

That’s where our bet comes into play. The idea behind this is that we want to make a concrete contribution to have a certain effect that brings us a little closer to our vision. Our why is: “We take a sustainable responsibility for people and nature, so that people feel that we are taken seriously and that together we can make the world a better place.”

Our values ​​should be a guideline that we use to adjust our daily actions. These are: valuation, openness and sustainability.

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Of course, these are just nice words and we are still far from a state where we could be satisfied with what we have achieved. So if you notice something with us that doesn’t meet our standards, tell us about it!

We are looking for people who want to take responsibility and share our values. Because we are sure of one thing: only together we can achieve great things! With us, everyone makes a super important contribution! It doesn’t matter if it’s our art director Emrah, Marco from production, Marion from internal sales, Simone from accounting, Claudia from controlling or Sebastian as our manager. We meet at eye level and everyone can talk openly if they have something to think about.

Together with you, we want to change the world and make it a better place. Are you part of it?

Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Grills

Have you graduated or are you still looking for your dream job? We offer several interesting and varied internships in our juice shop. And the best thing: we don’t just train and let our worker bees move on, we are interested in bringing good and committed students to our hive in the long term. If you are a motivated team player and are interested in a variety of tasks, go for it! Design your app and tell us who you are. Tips and tricks for a juicy app can be found at the bottom of the page.

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We offer internships and degree projects in various fields. Just send us a request with the most important information about the period, the desired area and if there are any requirements that we need to take into account. But don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work. If you’re not with us, your dream job is waiting for you somewhere.

Since we are against permanent employment, we only have permanent employment (with a few exceptions, if that is not an advantage for you). During the 6-month trial period, we can see together whether there is a match on both sides.

Are you taking care of family members or do you want to combine children and career? No problem! Whenever possible, you can work from your home office, we are also open to other ways of working.

In addition to sustainability, mindfulness workshops and IT training, we offer you the opportunity to individually strengthen your professional and personal development (e.g.

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If you like juice, it’s a good requirement! For each employee he receives 24 liters of drink from the house in addition to his salary each month. You can enjoy it alone or share it with friends, family and acquaintances.

Would you like to do without your car or ride your bike a little more in your free time, but don’t want to give up your power? Then just get an electric bike. You can get more information about this directly from our team.

Capital formation benefits are extra money voluntarily paid by the employer to new or existing contracts to build wealth. Accept the offer and think about the future with us.

Natural Gas Conversion Kits For Grills

Sustainability is one of our core values. We offer workshops throughout the year so that we can all learn something about the interaction between business, nature and society. The experts from Hardegsen’s international school farm are responsible for the implementation.

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Can’t get enough of our products or are you planning a great garden party with a cocktail bar? In addition to your monthly house drink, get fair discounts at our in-house outlet.

Need a cup of coffee or a big shot of orange juice in the morning to start your day? No problem! We offer juice, nectar, sprays, water and coffee to drink for free.

“ Even after the first internships during my studies, I was clear: I want to work here! So I am very grateful to be an integral part of the team since October 2020. What makes me so excited? The warm and trusting interaction with each other, the unconventional work at eye level and a strong team spirit! I am responsible for product development, and I love it! No two days are the same and it’s always exciting!” Product Developer Sunita “ I have been with Beckers since 2015 and did my training as a fruit juice technology specialist in juice processing. I have been part of quality management since 2018. I really like it here because every day there is something different to do and there is a lot of delicious juice! Because Beckers values ​​family so much, there is no problem combining work and family. I enjoy being a part of the juice shop.” Melissa Quality Manager “I have been in this hive since 2000 and have been able to progress through all the sales positions; I don’t think this career is possible in every company either. The only thing I can say about us is that we are the most consolidated start-up I know in the beverage sector. The evolution of the corporate philosophy in the last 15 years is exceptional. However, for a medium-sized company like ours. , it is absolutely necessary to survive.” Hartmut Leiter – Key Account Management ” I started my second term in 2016 and I am the IT manager here. The team, the opportunities to work in the company and in the company and the personal development brought me back. I like working at becker bester and I look forward to it. to master new and upcoming challenges with this team.” Guido IT Manager “Old, young at heart! I have been with beckers for over 30 years. Starting with juice making (juice mixing and preparation for bottling) and then in 1996 the opportunity to switch to the commercial area. Here he continues to work on the raw material. Every new harvest brings surprises, and researching possible new products and contacting new and existing suppliers is also part of that.” Jörg Raw Materials Buyer ” With beckers for over 25 years. Wow, that’s a long time… I’m a little younger, but my job and my team just keep me fit. Moving from sales to marketing, from a traditional method. family business to a modern and unconventional company; for me, this evolution is what makes work fun and enjoyable. I was actually going to retire this year, but honestly? I would like to stay here a little longer.” Ulrike Marketing Assistant “Over 30 years ago I was drawn to the juice shop. Bored? No, never been here. After 27 years in production, I moved into sales as a manager of finished product handling . I also feel very well taken care of here. A strong team by my side and nice colleagues make me happy every day. Yes, I love being here in this juice shop and I’m happy to be part of this great puzzle.” Mario Leiter – Finished Product Management “Since I started in 2018 as Key Account Manager for the brand, I have been able to take direct responsibility and contribute to the development of the company. In my role as Sales Director, I now have the exciting opportunity to establish sales for the future together with my team. Here, everyone really has the opportunity to develop personally in a very short time and to contribute their part to reach our common goal.” Jan-Boris Sales Manager

First of all: Please be who you really are. Especially in job applications and interviews, you naturally want to show your best side; that is completely understandable. But we’d like to know you as a whole package, with all your nooks and crannies.

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Hello! My name is Gloria and I am your contact person for questions about the application process. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are unsure of anything.


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