Electric Hub Motor Kit For Motorcycle

Electric Hub Motor Kit For Motorcycle – Cyclone Motors from Taiwan is back in the golden age of the Infinite Globe, one of the few places where electric motorcycle and bike enthusiasts can find a mid-engine for DIY mods or projects. The Cyclone Motors website is still in the 90s, but has enough information for newbies to find what they’re looking for. No fancy graphics here, just raw numbers with a massively powered mid-engine and load cell load. Currently, the global market offers many options for purchasing premium in-wheel motors, mid-mounted motors, and other high-power e-bike and e-scooter related parts. Cycle Motors Taiwan seems to know this, and it’s not too far off to add some new content to their website.

The Nikita Electric Motorcycle is a great starting point for a DIY electric motorcycle project. We won’t say finished because it takes a lot of style and detail to look good. The minimal original look reminds us of the Kalk Electric off-road vehicle. The 20 Kw electric motorcycle with Super Soco TS, DNM front fork suspension and rear electric hub motor has a headlight (similar to the QS 276 hub motor used in Evoke Motorcycles. There are two big-ass NCM battery options: 120v and 50 Ah (33 Kg = 6 Kw/h) and 60 V 100 Ah (33 Kg = 6 Kw/h). The picture shows a Nikita 20 Kw motor based on a hub motor. Another Nikita option is an intermediate motor called CY6K MID , but we couldn’t find the engine on the Cyclone website.

Electric Hub Motor Kit For Motorcycle

Electric Hub Motor Kit For Motorcycle

The rear swingarm is from some existing motorcycles, and the front frame section is a custom designed and built whirlwind motor. Seats look comfortable.

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For DIY conversions, we also love some of the new electric car motors. In addition to the usually best-selling small BLDC motor, we also found the new coaxial 4.8kW Mi motor very interesting.

This engine comes with a neat knockoff ENDURO frame kit and is an underrated option for the speed and power hungry EV community. On the rear wheel, you’ll find the mid-engine and light pedals.

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Electric Hub Motor Kit For Motorcycle

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