Electric Bike Kit Amazon

Electric Bike Kit Amazon – We saw the potential of this technology early on and were a pioneer among German suppliers of this separation process. Suitable for cutting thin metal and very small parts made of various materials, this process offers higher precision and durability compared to other cutting processes.

A beam diameter of up to 0.08 mm can be created here. This allows for the thinnest and delicate parts made of cardboard, leather, fabric, silicone; Produce PTFE, foam rubber, neoprene or other organic materials.

Electric Bike Kit Amazon

Electric Bike Kit Amazon

When cutting with an abrasive water jet, the abrasive is added to the high-pressure water. Water-accelerated particles hit the material at a speed of about 800 m/s, converting kinetic energy into a removal process. By adding abrasives, materials can be machined that otherwise cannot be cut, or only with a lot of labor. For example, they can be different metals or composites such as aluminum, steel or titanium. Abrasive water jet cutting is a modern alternative to laser cutting, aluminum cutting or CNC machining with greater precision.

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Cutting water jets is not a new technology. However, the possibilities of micro-jet cutting open up innovative and completely new areas of application. The durability and precision of micro-waterjet cutting is a special feature.

Unlike laser beam cutting, CNC milling, or aluminum cutting, water jet microcutting can process a wide range of materials. In fact, any water-insoluble material can be used.

However, certain operations cannot be avoided during cutting which may affect the suitability of the process. For example, highly porous fabrics absorb water.

Our experience shows that thin sheets, materials or geometries that cannot be produced by conventional water jet cutting, laser, wire cutting, diamond sawing or other cutting processes can be produced with micro water jet cutting without any problems.

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