Bafang 8fun Electric Bike Motor & Battery Kit

Bafang 8fun Electric Bike Motor & Battery Kit – With a built-in speed sensor, this mid-drive motor, compatible with standard bikes, has a rated power of 500W, a gear ratio of 1:21.9 and a maximum torque of 80Nm, providing ideal power for vehicles. Lightweight yet strong and efficient, this engine greatly improves riding comfort and is suitable for two-wheelers and commuter bikes.

A: This mid drive motor is suitable for 68mm(2.68in) – 73mm(2.87in) wide bottom bracket. The inner diameter of the staple must be at least 33.5 mm. We will send additional accessories to install the 73mm bottom bracket.

Bafang 8fun Electric Bike Motor & Battery Kit

Bafang 8fun Electric Bike Motor & Battery Kit

Answer: If your brakes are hydraulic or you want to use your own brake sensors, you can choose a brake sensor. They can connect directly to your brakes to work.

V/48v Bafang 8fun Bbs 350w 250w Mid Drive For E Bike Central Motor Electric Bike Conversion Kit With Controller And Battery

A: Before installing the motor, please follow the steps in the manual to connect the motor to make sure the motor is working properly. If there is any problem, please contact us first, we will provide technical support, don’t worry.

Warm Tips: 1. Due to battery specifications, some motors and batteries are not in the same warehouse, so you may receive more than one package. If all the products are not in the package you received, please don’t open dispute or bad feedback first, please contact us for confirmation.

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Electric Bicycle Battery 36v 20ah Li Ion Battery With Ncr18650pf Cells For Bafang 8fun 36v 500w E Bike Motor From Liuzedongaaaa, $290.84

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